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ピュアセンテラトナー 100ml
ピュアセンテラトナー 100ml
ピュアセンテラトナー 100ml

ピュアセンテラトナー 100ml


肌のpHバランスを整え、肌のマイクロバイオームを活性化させる保湿・浄化トナーです。97%純粋なツボクサエキスを使用したArencia Centella Tonerは、肌を落ち着かせ、保湿し、効果的に浄化します。

Frequently Asked Questions

The Arencia Rice Mochi Cleanser works as both cleansing oil and clay mask. This patented natural formula is made with 20-30 raw natural ingredients that helps with the skin biome.

If used as a daily cleanser, the Rice Mochi Cleanser can be used as a regular foaming cleanser.

However, we recommend that you take full advantage of this natural skin concoction by using it like a combination of skin foam and clay mask by gently massaging the face or problem areas for over a minute before rinsing off. Your skin will notice a dramatic difference in texture after using the Rice Mochi Cleanser!

Take a generous amount of the Arencia Rice Mochi Cleanser, whisk up the texture using your fingers, and gently spread the paste over your face. For an easier spread, you can add small amount of water to the mixture.

Leave the mask on your face for one minute before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Depends on your skin type! For detailed descriptions, please visit the product pages. Below is a quick go-to summary.

Fresh Green: all skin type + blackhead, acne, pores, and skin texture concerns
Fresh Rosehip: normal, sensitive, mature skin type + skin texture and dryness
Fresh Blue Hyssop: normal to oily and combination skin types + acne prone, sebum, blemish concerns
Fresh Calendula: all skin type + gentle and brightening